• KBHpant

    KBHpant works to create a new "pant" culture in the public space - to make it easy to dispose of returnable bottles and easy and dignified collecting bottles. Over the summer of 2014 we sat up pirate deposit boxes in Copenhagen. From spring 2015 we were testing new solutions in Vesterbro. The solutions can be found today as "pantrings" on the Copenhagen waste bins, and in a couple of other danish cities. Website: www.kbhpant.dk Book: http://kbhpant.dk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Pantbog.pdf Website: www.kbhpant.dk
  • Relations-hacking Kommunen 3.0

    In the thesis, we were using a Research through Design approach on a case-study of a Copenhagen Citizen Service project ‘Digital Ambassadors’, where the Citizen Service has invited voluntary IT-helpers to join a shared effort to reach out and help IT-weak citizens. The aim of the thesis was to perform a designerly relation-hacking on the relationship between Copenhagen Citizen Service and voluntary IT-helpers using Participatory Design practice in order to scrutinize and rehearse, how and if the relationship could be valuable for both parties.
  • Frivillighedens Dag 2014

    As a part of my student job in Cph Volunteers I developed the website for Frivillighedens Dag 2014, which is an yearly event where the City of Copenhagen celebrate voluntary initiatives and individuals who do an extra voluntary effort. The website is developed in Wordpress with some small changes in the code from my side.   A fun coincidence was that my own project Pantbørsen was nominated in the category "Socio-economic project of the year" for Frivillighedens Dag 2014.   Website: www.frivillighedensdag.dk
  • Podwalky

    Scandinavia is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for Chinese tourists, and as one of the host cities Copenhagen is gonna make sure that they are properly received! With PODWALKY we wanted to contribute to this by offering innovative and location-based experience opportunities where Chinese guests could experience the city's atmosphere through audio-based podwalks.   PODWALKY is a concept, which consist of a website and a Podwalk-App for Chinese tourists. From here they can access the podwalks which invite them to interact with the new city in a safe, but different and present manner. Website: www.podwalky.com
  • Alonely

    Inspired by the Danish children story "Palle alene i verden" and the ever-connectedness in the world today, we wanted to create an installation, where the feeling and experience of loneliness could be explored. "Alonely" is a box you can walk into and see the outside world like there was nobody there. With the help of a camera and coding in Processing the screen shifted from a real time, not manipulated, picture of the outside, to a picture where nobody was there.  
  • Pantbørsen

    Pantbørsen’s main function is to be a digital platform (www.pantborsen.dk) that establishes contact between citizens in Copenhagen that are interested in giving away their bottle deposits to other citizens, who need the money more than they do. I have been especially occupied with the development of our visual identity, the website and print materials. There too comes the development of our overall strategy and communication, Facebook and info meetings with the "pant" collectors.   Website: pantborsen.dk   Facebook: facebook.com/PANTBORSEN   LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/pantborsen
  • Opinionen

    In January 2013 I developed a new website for the magazine Opinionen, where I had previously worked as a freelance journalist. The website is developed in Wordpress, but with a lot of changes in the code from my side. I was also responsible for a user manual and support afterwards. Website: www.opinionen.dk  
  • The Harp

    The purpose of The Harp is to encourage cyclists to signal in traffic by giving them a fun experience. In this way we hope to solve a security problem, while at the same time making people more happy on the cycling path.
    The Harp consists of colored laser beams that stand in a row like strings on a harp. The interaction occurs when a cyclist activate different harp notes when moving the hand through the laser beams. The incorporated censors will answer the action depending on how low or high the hand is held, and in this way a melody is played while signaling. If the hand is held high it will play a high note, and held low a lower note is played. Our final prototype was an Arduino installation that worked as one of the strings in The Harp. We connected an ultrasonic sensor to the Arduino Uno board, and with the help of Arduinos StandardFirmata code and our own coding in Processing it was possible to send a MIDI-signal to Ableton Live.