• The Harp

    The purpose of The Harp is to encourage cyclists to signal in traffic by giving them a fun experience. In this way we hope to solve a security problem, while at the same time making people more happy on the cycling path.
    The Harp consists of colored laser beams that stand in a row like strings on a harp. The interaction occurs when a cyclist activate different harp notes when moving the hand through the laser beams. The incorporated censors will answer the action depending on how low or high the hand is held, and in this way a melody is played while signaling. If the hand is held high it will play a high note, and held low a lower note is played. Our final prototype was an Arduino installation that worked as one of the strings in The Harp. We connected an ultrasonic sensor to the Arduino Uno board, and with the help of Arduinos StandardFirmata code and our own coding in Processing it was possible to send a MIDI-signal to Ableton Live.